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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Bride Wore Yellow...

I'll talk about the Super 14 and English finals in a day or so. They were both good games, and I would like to think a bit before I blog about those finals.

As somebody who has spent most of his life in Minnesota and following our sports teams, I know I thing or two about disappointment. With my background, I can understand and empathize with rugby fans from the Auvergne region in France around Clermont-Ferrand-a town best known as the headquarters of Michelen Tires. In my previous posting, I talked about Clermont-Auvergne, and their role as bridesmaids in the world of French Rugby.

Yesterday, at the Stade de France, Clermont beat the holders, Perpignan, 19-6.

You have to Clermont credit. The had to do this the hard way by playing an extra playoff game and had to play a rested Toulon in Marseille, a neutral field that was right in Toulon's back yard.  The Michelen men beat Toulon to set up Saturday's drama at the Stade de France, where Clermont rode the kicking of Australian Brock James and some solid play to finally lift le Bouclier de Brennus.
I can only just imagine the partying by Clermont's long-suffering fans....

Bravo, Clermont, Bravo....


  1. I wondered what this post was going to be about for a second! My mum's wedding dress was yellow (way back in the 70's) and for a second I thought you were going to say you knew her!

    Fair play to Clermont. Nice to see Brock James atoning for his epic kicking disaster in the HC against Leinster.

  2. You're right, even if this final was not a great game, it has designated a great champion. Clermont has completely deserved it for being finalist four times in a row, and of course for clearly dominating Perpignan that saturday night. The first two halves were not terrific, but the third is great ! (and not finished yet...)
    Just one thing about your post : the game Toulon vs Clermont has been played on a neutral pitch (Saint-Etienne). Toulon then played (and lost) the European Challenge final in Marseille (and for them as you said it was a home game...)

  3. Hi Bamberio, I bet you have some great pics of your mum's wedding! There were some interesting tuxedos that men wore back in the 70's, too.

    I was really glad to see Clermont win. They play a fun style of rugby to watch. The rugby Gods have not been kind to Clermont in the Heineken Cup and the French championship. It was good to see the Bridesmaid finally become the bride.

  4. video (in French)

    hard to be a sports journalist on Clermont local TV...