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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aspen Part 4: Adventures in the Hot Tub

Our last loss against the Clowns on Friday afternoon meant that our rugby in Aspen was finished.  What this meant was that we had the rest of the weekend to have fun and take in the beautiful scenery.

It also meant that me and my mates in room 302A needed to take some Ibuprofen and take advantage of the hot tub at the Durant Condos for our associated aches and pains inflicted on our middle-aged bodies. On Saturday night, we sauntered down to the hot tub, where we were joined by some members of the Omaha GOATS. One of the GOATS players, Doug was actually a member of the Des Moines, Iowa rugby club who brought his wife Colette down to join the relaxing atmosphere in the hot tub on a beautiful evening.

We were to find out, that not all of the action in Aspen that weekend was going to be taking place on the pitch.

When you have rugby players, beer and a hot tub, it can get loud. Well, we got loud enough for a resident of the condos to come down and ask to quiet down. We invited her to join us...she paused and looked at us, and when she realized that we were sincere with our invitation, she came down to join us at the hot tub.

Her name was Annie. I am going to guess that she was in her mid 70's. She had just finished a long drive from Lake Havasu, Arizona to Aspen that day. She brought some wine down with her as her beverage of choice.  We all had a nice chat. When Annie was ready to leave, my back was turned to her, and then I heard Colette-also a Registered Nurse-call out "Look out!" I turned my head just in time for Annie to fall backwards into the hot tub. Colette was on her in a flash. Doug and I helped Colette to get Annie out of the hot tub. She had swallowed some water, and had been disoriented and flat on her back in the water. She was not unlike a turtle that had flipped over on its back and not able to right itself.

Colette has a lot of geriatric experience and did a quick assessment of Annie. She had been having some other fainting/falling episodes. (Hopefully, Annie went back to her doctor to get checked out to see if this was a case of simple dehydration, or if she was having some TIA or 'mini-stroke' symptoms, or if she was having sinus issues) Colette did her utmost to prevail upon Annie to get in and see her Doctor on Monday. One thing for sure, if Annie had been all alone and had passed out in the Hot Tub, she might have drowned. A  fun night turned serious in a big hurry. One of the ruggers escorted Annie up to her place to make sure she got back to her place in one piece.

 One thing was for sure: Doug's wife Colette is a keeper. Good looking(The picture above does not do her justice), smart, great sense of humor and cool under fire. I think Annie and everybody else in the hot tub was glad Colette was there, too.

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  1. You are too sweet:)

    I am definitely thankful that we were there that night as I am sure Annie wouldn't have made it.....then again....if those boys weren't hooting & hollering.....she might not have been in the hot tub:)

    Either way....lots of fun....and it's not every day a gal gets to hot tub with a bunch of ruggers!