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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Got My RWC Tickets for USA-Italy!

Knowing that the folks in charge of selling tickets for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand were going to release more tickets today for purchase, I just had to try to get tickets to see a USA Eagles Match.

I already had purchased tickets for Australia-Russia to be played in Christchurch on 10/1, so I had my eyes on either Australia-USA in Wellington, or USA-Italy in Nelson. The few tickets left for the match against the Wallabies were just a bit more expensive than I wanted to spend, whereas there were some General Admission tickets left for the Italy game, so I just pulled the trigger and bought two tickets for the match to be played on Tuesday, September 27th at Trafalgar Park.

My wife is looking forward to the trip. Now I really have to start saving money and planning in earnest..but like Romania from this past weekend, I just punched my ticket for RWC 2011.


  1. The weather is better in sunny Nelson and you will get a closer game too. You will find it interesting coming to New Zealand because there will be games in really small places by your standards. That is why we were surprised in some ways to be hosting. Nelson is a city of around 50,000 people, so you will get to go to the grass roots parts of New Zealand. It will be a good way to see the country though and these games will be cheaper and probably less likely to sell out.

  2. Hi
    Scotty, I am looking forward to this trip. The big difference between this trip and my trip to France back in 2007, is that I know France very, very well after having studied there a couple of times. I still had friends to visit, and quite a few of them made meals for us, or let us stay at their places, which saved us a lot of money. Given that there were 4 of us, that helped a lot. On this trip, it will just be my wife and me, but we don't really have any contacts in NZ. Back in 07, I bought my match tickets first, then planned my itenerary. I am doing the same for next year. At this point, I am thinking of flying into Auckland then connecting to Wellington, spend a couple of days in Wellington, then take the ferry to Nelson. We want to spend a few days in the Nelson area, then go to Chirstchurch and spend some days there. I am figurinig on a 10 day or 14 day trip. Would love to stay longer, but I still have to work on financing this trip!. But hey, at least I got tickets for a couple of matches.