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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alive and Well in LA....

Have not been able to blog much since getting out here to California. My wife, Bulldog and I have settled into an apartment in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA, close to Glendale, the LA Zoo, the I-5, and my job.
At the Santa Monica Pier in my Tasman Mako's  shirt.
The other part of settling in out here is going to be trying to get affiliated with a rugby club. The Division I Champs, Belmont Shore, out of Long Beach are a pretty far drive from where I am at. I know there is the LA Rugby Club, the LA Rebellion(IGRAB affiliated club),  and Pasadena are all probably the closest to where I am located. Once we get settled a bit more, that is going to be my next order of business.

But don't worry about Da Redhead, Buddha or me. We are hanging in there out here in LA-LA Land. I never would have imagined 6 months ago that both the Stanley Cup, and I would both be living here in Southern California....
The Stanley Cup in LA...Hell has frozen over.
I just cannot understand what people see in Southern California...

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