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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Two Weeks Until the IRB Las Vegas Sevens

I have been to two IRB Rugby World Cups, but I have yet to catch any of the IRB Sevens Series. That is about to change, as in two weeks from today, my friend Tom Daniels and I will be soaking in the rugby and the social seen in the stands that make up the series.

We got tickets for the Saturday and Sunday sessions. I work until 4:30 PM on Friday. My wife will have to pick me up at work, then we need to do our 4 hour drive from LA to Las Vegas. Well, it's normally a 4 hour drive, but traffic can be very heavy on Friday afternoons on the I-15 heading to Vegas. There is nothing more surreal than being in the middle of the desert, but stuck in a massive traffic jam as if you were on the Santa Monica Freeway.

Tom's wife could care a toss about the rugby-so while Tom and I are watching rugby, his wife Linda and my wife can shop or do spa treatments.

I had always been curious to stay at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, so we were able to reserve rooms in a place more people remember from the Rat Pack's hangout... and where Motorcycle jumper Evel Kneivel bit asphalt back in 1967. It's a big of old Vegas that is still around on the strip.

Really looking forward to watching rugby, meeting fans from all over the world-and just plain having a good time. If you are going to be in Las Vegas during that weekend of February 8-10, drop me a line. I have been lucky enough to meet some other rugby bloggers in Europe and New Zealand, and would be happy to meet more rugby fans from the blogosphere.

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