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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catching up on Rugby News for Metropolis and Pasadena.

Wow, I have been really remiss in posting. So much for my New Years Resolution. I started OK, but after mid-March, I kept finding something else to do.

The two club sides in the USA that are the closest to my heart, Metropolis RFC in Minnesota and the Pasadena RFC out in California both had impressive play in the past month to qualify for Nationals: Metropolis won the Midwest Division I title in simply dominant fashion, by smoking long time rivals-and a fellow national semi-finalist from last year, Palmer College 74-5. That is not a typo. It surely has to be the greatest margin of victory Metropolis had against a team that is one of the powers in Midwest rugby. Metropolis gets Middlesex in the Sweet 16 in Norfolk, Virginia. Here is the rest of the Division I  Bracket:'s-di-clubs/7872-mens-di-club-bracket-updated.html
Pasadena had to overcome a serious upset bid from San Fernando Valley in the Southern Cal Semifinals

Pasadena had a slightly rockier road in the Southern California DII playoffs. The number two seed had a much tougher match than anticipated against San Fernando Valley, coming from behind to win in dramatic fashion, 25-10. In the other semifinal, Las Vegas, the number one side, was dumped 11-10 by South Bay-a team that was riding an emotional roller coaster after losing their fullback in a car accident.  The team, made up of players of mostly Pacific Island origin came into the final with their hard-hitting style. Again, Pasadena had to come from behind to pull off the emotional win in a very, very tense game, 27-15, that was much closer than the score would indicate. Pasadena's reward is a Sweet 16 match against the local Frisco Griffins, in Dallas.'s-dii-clubs/7880-dii-mens-club-bracket-update.html
Pasadena will hope to ride the strong back of Little Ray...
All in all, a great couple of weeks for the two clubs that are near and dear to my heart. My rugby past and present has put a spring in this old prop's step this.

Oh, one more thing. Both clubs are just loaded with great people. I think rugby people are the nicest people anywhere, but I feel doubly lucky to have been involved with both of these winning, classy clubs.

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