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Monday, August 12, 2013

Dickie's Nurse's Scrub Review....

Dickie's one-pocket scrub top
It's not often when I am asked to review nurse or medical scrubs, but I had a chance to try out the one pocket men's scrub top from Dickies.

Being a guy, I have a lot of blue or scrub pants that go with navy blue, so I did like the color. The shoulders on it were plenty big for a wide-bodied propnurse like me. The fabric was durable, and the scrub top came out well in the wash. My only complaints were that I prefer scrub tops with the two side pockets-handy to place alcohol wipes, pens and all manner of other things nurses seem to gather during the course of a shift. I also think that if Dickies can come out with a tapered scrub top for men-particularly weightlifter-types like me-it would be roomy enough in the shoulders, but not boxy-looking.  That said, it was plenty comfortable when I wore it to work.
And a side view of the Blue Dickie's Medical Scrub

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