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Sunday, March 30, 2014

USA-Uruguay Rugby World Cup Qualifier in Georgia: The Fan Pictures.

Cammo seemed to be a common theme..well, we were in the Deep South...
Young fan ready to go Teco hunting….
Elvis showing a hunk of hunk of burning love for the Eagles….
Some tongue in cheek humor directed towards the visitors from South America….
Don't ask this guy where he has been keeping his rubber hand….
Little guy with the great haircut and USA temp tattoo on his cheek….
Some USA Fans letting it all hang out….
I will have more to comment on Saturday's USA Eagle win against Uruguay in Kennesaw, Georgia. I just got back to LA and downloaded my pictures. As they say, a Picture is worth a thousand words, and there were a lot of American Rugby Fans having a good time before and after the Eagles Punched their ticket to next years Rugby Orgy that will be Rugby World Cup 2015….
Elvis was in the house, too...

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  1. Interesting photos and costumes, this is what we call real support.. :) I can see it on the faces of the people on the photo.

    John | World Cup Betting