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Monday, July 6, 2015

Good Bye Buddha the Bulldog

Back in 2006, it was a watersshed year for me: I made it to Australia, I started playing rugby, and I bought my first bulldog. A brindled puppy named Buddha. He was very popular at rugby matches-what can I say, he loved the ladies. He grew up to be 80 pounds of love- a much adored dog every where we went. He was great with my grandson Duncan when he was a baby and toddler back at our house in Minnesota. While I was working as a travel nurse in Texas, Delaware and New Mexico, he was huge piece of mind for my wife.

Well, two weeks ago puppy heaven got a bulldog. Buddha died in his sleep at the age of 9. 

I had to share my favorite picture of him. My wife squeezed a referee jersey on him and put a rugby ball in front of him. 

Buddha just loved my grandson Duncan..and it was pretty mutual.
RIP big guy...
Buddha the Bulldog back in 2012


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