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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Daughter is a Chip off the Old Block-She plays Rugby too.

When we were still living in Minnesota, I had tried to talk my daughter Rachel into playing rugby. She would have nothing to do with it, in spite of the fact that when I taught touch rugby at her Lutheran School, she had great vision and instincts for the game, and I knew she was strong and tough enough to play the game with her experience working with horses and doing Western Style Riding.
Well, my daughter moved out here to Southern California last year. A few months ago, she got involved with the San Fernando Valley Women's RFC
, and she discovered that she loved the game, and loved the physical contact and Camaraderie of the Oval Ball.
She plays flanker and has great instincts for the game. She plans on playing again next year.

I won't say I told you so...what I will say to my daughter is: I knew you had it in you, kid.


  1. Very true! I love the fact that it something you too can share and that it is brought her such good friendships and camaraderie

  2. Très belle joueuse pour la prochaine équipe des Eagles
    Si Rachel est intéressée,je lui enverrai des magazines de rugby.
    Tu me laisses Rachel ton adresse ici biz
    Bernard Massé de Montpellier

  3. Très belle joueuse de rugby pour la future équipe des Eagles
    Si tu veux Rachel des magazines de rugby tu me donnes ton adresse ici
    Bernard Massé de Montpellier