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Friday, August 6, 2010

Knocking the Rust Off...

Rodrigo, our former exchange student from Portugal got in on Wednesday night. He wanted to go for a run with Metropolis on Thursday night. While he was working out with the younger guys, I spent the better part of practice playing touch with 7 other Old Boys who are going to be going to Ruggerfest in Aspen, Colorado next month.

So I ran, and ran some more. I'm sure that my legs are going to be sore as hell on Friday, but after playing very, very little rugby in the past 14-15 months, it felt really, really good to be out there and seeing the guys.

I have to say that it was a simply perfect summer evening to get a run in and get some touches with the rugby ball. The worst of the humid weather had blown through, and it was just a very pleasant night to play.

One of the old boys playing tonight was Mike Clements. He has a hobby farm west of Minneapolis, where he has horses-and the most perfect rugby pitch you have ever seen. It's kind of a rugby version of " Field of Dreams." I decided to use one of the pictures I took last year at his farm for my blog heading.

This was a first step in getting back into some semblance of rugby-playing shape. I gotta say, I was really impressed with the level of conditioning that my fellow 40-something players had out there tonight. I can see I am going to need to really step up my interval training to go along with my weightlifting. (The above cartoon version of me was done by my son's friend Adam)

Aside from my leg stiffness, I feel pretty good. The proof of the pudding is going to be when I get out there and actually am hitting and being hit by people. was a fun evening, and a good start as I start on this journey to play at Ruggerfest.

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  1. Well done Nursedude. It all sounds very promising - I admire you. I'd be too scared to get on a rugby field!