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Friday, November 26, 2010

England v Australia Ashton try

Of the November Internationals played so far, Chris Ashton's try against the Wallabies was the most impressive. Great work by England stealing the ball when it looked like Australia was going to score...then England, instead of kicking the ball deep out of harm's way, showed a swashbuckling flair getting the ball out wide to Chris Ashton, who showed blistering pace in outrunning several Wallabies...simply great stuff.


  1. I don't think I will ever get bored of watching this try! Hopefully there will be many more to come for England and Chris Ashton! :-)

  2. I think given how rough the English press has been with England's national team, the England coaching staff not only had be really happy with the win over Australia, but also the style points...that Ashton try looked like something the French would have done back in the late 80's.