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Friday, November 19, 2010

Rugby World Cup 2011: New Zealand or Bust!

A couple of days ago, I went onto the Rugby World Cup 2011 web site check into buying match tickets. I missed the phase II of ticket purchases, as I was hoping to get some tickets for some USA Eagle games in New Zealand.  I totally spaced out on when the second phase was going to stop. That was the bad news.

The good news was that the World Cup organizers opened up some tickets for matches in earthquake-hit Christchurch. Not having much money to work with at the moment, I bought tickets for the October 1st match between the Wallabies and Russia. 

It's not a sure thing that I will be able to A-get the time off from work, or B-save enough money for my wife and I to afford to fly to New Zealand and have a good time while we are there. That said, I felt that if I at least got a match ticket, that would at least got the process rolling. It's not different from Rugby World Cup 2007 in France. I bought my tickets for USA-Tonga, Tonga-Samoa and Argentina-Namibia even before I had the time off from work or plane tickets for me and my family. In the end, it worked. I saw some matches, and my family and I had a great time in France.

I am hoping that there will be some unsold tickets for the USA matches late in September for matches against Australia in Wellington, and against Italy in Nelson.  

They say that the trip of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  For me and my wife, this purchase of our tickets for Australia-Russia was the first step of a trip that will be several thousand miles.


  1. As a New Zealander living in Wellington it has been hard to know how many tickets for the Rugby World Cup would be sold. For example, did you have to buy a venue pack for Wellington to make sure you get tickets to the All Blacks vs Canada? Among the people of Wellington I know not many of us could be bothered buying venue packs in advance. I am the exception although none of my friends are necessarily that keen on forking out such big money for four matches we will be neutrals for, but didn't want to miss out on the All Blacks vs Canada. Keep in touch with me if you want. I have some venue packs and not many of us would be necessarily keen to watch all the pool games. We have USA vs Australia and it will be interesting to see how many Aussie fans come over for it and how many New Zealand and other country fans will be supporting the USA.

  2. Hi Scotty, I do have to say that the ticket purchasing was a lot easier for France 2007. I find it hard to believe that All of the matches are sold out. How many people in Nelson REAlly want to see Italy-USA play? (unless there is a large unknown population of expat Italians in Nelson) I am on a really tight budget, so I got the cheapest tickets I could get for Australia-Russia in Christchurch. I am hoping to catch the Wallabies-USA match in this point, I still have a lot to figure as far as coming up with the airfare and living expenses for me and my wife to do this trip.

    Every person I know who has been to New Zealand raves about your native country. My late grandmother-who had been to every continent except Antarctica always used to say that if she had to live in a place outside of the US, Nz would be her first choice.