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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Plug for Japan Aid... knows that a lot of people are opening up their wallets to try to help the people of North East Honshu in their post-tsunami/earthquake/radiation threat time of need.

I try to keep this site more rugby centric, but Japan and Japanese culture have touched our family in a big way, as we hosted an AFS exchange student from Nagoya years ago, my son was an exchange student in Niigata for a year(Ian also graduated with his degree in Asian Studies/Japanese this past year) and my family has all done a Japanese Martial art called Aikido. The images of the destruction and stoic endurance of the Japanese touch me a great deal. 

My son Ian came up with a design for a shirt that he wants sell with proceeds going to Japanese relief...

Here is his web site:


  1. Nursedude: Revised Christchurch games announced. Good luck.

    The rescheduled matches will see Argentina play England in Dunedin on September 10, Australia play Italy at Albany on September 11, England play Georgia in Dunedin on September 18, Argentina play Scotland in Wellington on September 25 and Australia play Russia at Nelson on October 1.

  2. Thanks for the update, Slugso. It's funny, now BOTH games my wife and I will see are in Nelson on 9/27 and 10/1. Maybe I can try to see either Australia-USA or Argentina-Scotland in Wellington on 9/23 or 9/25...

  3. Go for it - Nelson is the sunniest spot in the country, and the area is well worth a visit. Not sure if those relocated games' tickets are on sale yet, but I think Wellington is quite lucky to inherit the Pumas v Scotland - that should be a good match up.