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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

13 Weeks in Dallas Already?

It's hard to believe that my first 13 week contract here in Dallas is almost up. When I first got here, there was a bad winter storm that hit Dallas with all kinds of problems for people who had come here for the Super Bowl. Now, we have had some days where it has gotten to be over 30 degrees celsius, or in the high 80's.

I have been able to sample more than a few sporting events: Dallas Stars ice hockey, Dallas Harlequins Rugby, and Texas Rangers Baseball...
When I work as a nurse on the Spinal Cord Unit at the Dallas VA Medical Center, I work hard. It's physically and mentally draining work, but  I have to say that on my days off, my wife and I have been enjoying our time here in Dallas-so much so that I extended my contract to work here in Dallas until the last week in August. I am hoping that I will have saved enough money so that my wife and I can go to both Australia and New Zealand for the month of September. (I know I have match tickets for two games in Nelson...I just have not financed the entire trip's a work in progress)

Since my wife and I are staying at an apartment in downtown Dallas on the West End, we have been enjoying the bars and restaurants that are within walking distance to our place. Our apartment has a pool and a hot tub. The only thing that will make it complete is bringing my Bulldog Buddha down here to Dallas.

I will be going back to Minneapolis later the week. I am looking forward to seeing my friends, my kids and my grandson. I am also looking forward to a chance to maybe play with the Metropolis RFC Old Boys against the seconds from the Old Laurentians of Rugby, England as they do their 2011 tour to Minneapolis, with a game planned on April 23rd.

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