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Friday, February 14, 2014

Isabelle Ithurburu: Making Rugby Fun to Watch in Any Language

A sight for sore eyes of a rugby fan...
One of the myriad of channels I get on my cable TV is TV 5 Monde, which allows me to keep up with my French, as well as what is going on the world and NOT having to hear a thing about the Kardashians or Lindsey Lohan.

Along with the news, TV 5 Monde allows me to watch soccer and rugby, as well.

One program that is bookmarked on my DVR is "Jour du Rugby", the weekly show that gives the highlights of the weeks matches in the French Top 14. Getting to see the highlights and analysis is great-but having Isabelle Ithurburu as one of the commentators is the cherry on top of the Gateau Basque, as the comely Ms. Ithurburu simply is a sight to behold.(I shudder to think what the fashion budget is for the show, because every week, Ms. Ithurburu is wearing a different stunning dress)

For the people who feel that she is just window dressing, I should add that she is from the Basque Country-Pau, to be precise-right in the middle of rugby country. The former Miss Pau-Bearn has a love of the oval ball that just flows through her gorgeous DNA.

At any rate, on Valentine's day, as much as  I love my wife of almost 30 years, I also share a crush on a gorgeous Basque who also loves rugby. Does that make me a bad guy?

Oh...for those hoping that they can someday fulfill their fantasy of finding that perfect woman who is drop-dead gorgeous, charming and loves rugby-forget about it, she is married to a very lucky Argentine fellow.

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