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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thankful the Next Rugby World Cup is NOT in Sochi....

"It could be worse-I could be in Sochi…"

Watching the buildup for the Sochi Winter Olympics is almost like witnessing a car crash, or two drunks having a fight-you want to avert your eyes to the ugliness, but you watch it anyway.

Whatever shots one can take at the IRB, at least you can say they are not quite as incompetent and corrupt as the IOC, who allowed this fiasco to take place by giving the Winter Olympics to a city with virtually no infrastructure, and run by a man who looks and acts like the heavy from a James Bond movie.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt,  comrade!"
Next years Rugby World Cup will be in England and in 2019, in Japan. I think they got this one right.

As far as Sochi, with the homophobic rhetoric of Mr. Putin and the recent news release that Sochi is going to work overtime to not just get stray dogs off the streets-it's going to be open season as the Russian authorities will be culling the streets of any stray dogs.

Glad I am going to be watching this train wreck of an Olympics-complete with unfinished hotels, facilites and no snow-from the relative safety of my apartment in LA.

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