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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hard to believe I am now in my mid-fifities- I keep wondering when I am going to grow up?
My wife and Grandson being goofy at the USS Iowa Tour in Long Beach, California.

I have had several phone calls today and several happy birthday wishes.

So much has happened since I started blogging back in 2007: I survived a pulmonary embolism, I became a grandfather(Duncan is 6 now), I have been to two rugby World Cups, have been able to travel with my wife to some pretty cool places like Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Italy, Thailand, Texas, New Mexico, the East Coast and out here to California. My wife suffered a head injury that she has been able to have enough improvement to where she is back working. I have been able to still get a run in at the occasional rugby game and I just tried competing in my first Highland Games last weekend.
Me, Da Redhead and our daughter in front of Children's Hosptial-Los Angeles.

I'm very thankful to be in great health, to have a wonderful wife, to have fantastic adult children
With my son and grandson at the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota.
and a wonderful grandson. If I drop dead tomorrow, I have no regrets, but to borrow a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, "I'm not dead yet."
With Tom Daniels at the USA-Uruguay RWC qualifier-where the Eagles punched their  ticket to England for the 2015 RWC.

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