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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

RWC QUALIFICATION: Uruguay v Russia Highlights

I was glad to see Uruguay make it to the Rugby World Cup after winning the home and away series against Russia. I found match highlights from the return leg in Montevideo. You can say what you want about Latin American Sports Commentators, but they do not keep the stiff upper lip-or ANY hint of neutrality when their team is playing well. Even if you don't understand Spanish, You have to appreciate how happy these Uruguayan announcers are that the Teros punched their ticket to go to the orgy of rugby, otherwise known as the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

I thought their fans were very nice in Atlanta, when the USA beat them in the second game to qualify. I was really hoping to see Uruguay go through. A whole lot of Tero fans showed up in Atlanta, and they were in full voice. In looking at the video, it was nice to see them pack the stadium in Montevideo.

See you in England!

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