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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Monster Day of Rugby in Minneapolis

For those who are tired of political talking heads on CNN and FOX News, to say nothing of the celebrity-driven tripe that passes for news in the US, this coming Saturday in Minneapolis, the Metropolis Rugby Football club will offer a veritable orgy of the game for oval-ball fanatics-or those who may be "rugby curious". That's right. On a day when most of the labor unions in Europe will yelling slogans and waving signs, my little corner of the upper midwest will have rugby from breakfast time to supper time at Columbia Park, in North East Minneapolis:

For Metropolis, there will be a lot riding on the games. For the high school games pitting Edina and South Metro, both teams are coached by active players with Metropolis and some "Old Boys". The University game with the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin-Stout is the alma mater of more than a couple of members of the club. The DIII game gives the Metropolis Killer B's a shot at trying to beat Canadian opposition again when they take on Thunder Bay, Ontario. The main dish will be the playoff game with Metropolis' A side-climbing in the national rankings, I might add the Miami RFC, with the winner making it to the national "sweet sixteen" later in May down in South Carolina. This is the first time that Metropolis will have hosted a playoff game of this stature, and I also believe it's highest ever national ranking. That said, our club will have to prove it on the field this Saturday..

I know where I will be on Saturday, and will try to take pictures and have a review of the games.

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