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Monday, April 26, 2010

South Africa, New Zealand....Lithuania??

Things are not always as they seem, and this would seem to include the world of rugby.

Guess which country in the IRB has the record for the most consecutive wins? South Africa? New Zealand Perhaps? How about England from the period around 2002-03 when they won the Rugby World Cup, or Wales when they were winning Grand Slams in the 70's? Guess again. It's Lithuania.

Their recent 77-5 pasting of Serbia gave the Baltic country it's 18th consecutive win. They now will play home and away against Romania to get the the European spot to play off against Uruguay for the final berth in next year's Rugby World Cup to be held in New Zealand.

There is even video of Lithuanian rugby out there on You Tube:

For the really hard-core, or curious rugby fan, here is the Lithuanian Rugby web site:

If Lithuania can beat the Romanians and then Uruguay, it would be their first ever trip to the Rugby World Cup...and maybe one of the biggest surprises.

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