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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back to Minneapolis, Metropolis and the Old Laurentians...

I am leaving a place where the weather has been in the 70's and 80's, and I am heading home to Minneapolis-just in time for some snow and sleet. (As if I needed reminding about how lousy the weather is back in Minnesota)

On top of being able to catch up with friends and family, my timing worked out well for a couple of reasons: Metropolis is going to welcome the Old Laurentians of Rugby, England. Every two years we take turns touring. The OL's were here 4 years ago. We hosted a couple of players at our house who were just wonderful guests. It was great rugby, but they are just a super group of people. One of the joys of being at Aspen was being able to play with and party(like Dean-O above) some of the OL's who made it out to Aspen.

As luck would have it, the OL's are bringing some veterans so that means that before the main Metropolis-OL match, the Metropolis Old Boys will take on the OL's seconds/Old boys. Since I am already going to be on vacation, I can take the chance and play-nicks and nocks be damned. It's been killing me not to play any old boy rugby here in Dallas, so to have a chance to strap it on and get a run in next Saturday makes this week's trip back home to Minnesota even that much more enjoyable-even if the weather is going to be cool and wet.

Dave Heebner, the President of the Metropolis Rugby Club wrote the following to the OL's in anticipation of next Saturday's matches:

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