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Friday, April 29, 2011

Nice to Share a Wedding Anniversary with a Future King and Queen...

On this day, I celebrate 27 years of Marriage to my lovely Red-Headed bride. She was a great sport when I decided to start playing rugby 5 years ago, and was supportive last weekend when I was able to play with the Metropolis Old Boys against the OL's from Rugby, England.

I thought it was very sporting of the future King and Queen of the United Kingdom to get married on our anniversary. I would like to wish them a happy future together from my exile deep from the heart of Texas.

Word is that Prince William and his soon-to-be bride are big time rugby supporters, with wedding guests including the likes of Gareth Thomas, Sir Clive Woodward and Mike Tindall to sit on the groom's side of the Aisle...I wonder if there will be any good rugby songs at the wedding reception?




  1. Thanks Flanker! I am really curious to hear about your trip to Florida, I hope everybody had a good time. (That said, Florida is just a very different place-some people really like it)

  2. Had a great time thanks - especially the very chilled week on the Gulf Coast to recuperate from the madness of Disney. Excellent beach, good seafood and relaxed atmosphere - right up my street (as we say over here). Despite myself I also really enjoyed the Magic Kingdom in Orlando and was irrationally excited by the sight of Mickey Mouse!