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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do You Want a Chianti and Fava Beans With That Cheek?

My good friend Jean-Paul Sirat shared the following story involving an altercation between two French Rugby players, which I translated-A story that Sir Anthony Hopkins just might appreciate:

"Three Thousand Euro Fine For Biting Off  Didier Lacroix's Cheek"

Yesterday,  a Tribunal condemned a rugby player from Blagnac Sporting Club, Elvis Tekassala, a fine of 3,000 Euros for having bitten off  and ripped out with his teeth, the cheek of former Stade Toulousain player Didier Lacroix, 41 years of age in front of a bar at the beginning of November, 2010 in Toulouse "Justice considered there to be a definite aggressor and victim in this case, Didier Lacroix is clearly the victim", according to the ex-Stade player's lawyer and a sponsor for the red and black, Monsieur Frédéric David. The fine was much less than the prosecutor had asked for on behalf of Lacroix when the tribunal convened on March 22nd, initially asking for a year in prison for the ex-Blagnac prop. In it's decision, the tribunal found that Lacroix was the initial aggressor, but the counter to the aggression was found to be "disproportionate and excessive", according to the defense lawyer, Monsieur Pierre Dunac, who added that he was appealing the decision on behalf of his client "My client was only defending himself against an assault".  On the night of November 6th-7th, Didier Lacroix and Franck Belot, ex-second row for Toulouse, were celebrating the birth of Belot's son at the Grand Zinc, a bar in downtown Toulouse. During the night of partying, an altercation broke out between Tekassala and Lacroix in front of the bar. The burly prop from Blagnac bit the left cheek off the former Toulouse player and  spit it out on the street.  Elvis Tekassala had explained that he had been first attacked by Lacroix while he was in the middle of urinating-a version that was contested by the ex-Stade player, who stated that he has had to have several surgical interventions to correct the damage done to his face.

And people thought eye-gouging was a problem in French Rugby....

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